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How to pronounce "Buoy"

This is by far the biggest question we get from users outside of the United States.
Luckily for us, Seth Meyers had a segment on this exact topic.

It began with an algorithm that floats rates on market currents. It wasn’t long before we adopted buoyancy itself—levity, support, and trustworthiness—as guiding principles for our company and team.

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Our systems are online around the clock. You can check out the status here!

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Our vacation rental data is from Airbnb and VRBO. Our hotel data is from Expedia and We purchase our data from AirDNA, Transparent, and other suppliers.

Your portfolio performance and competition data is refreshed daily. Hotel data is refreshed daily or weekly depending on the dates and region.

Beacon by Buoy is a free automated report on vacation rental performance, formatted for mobile devices and delivered via email. It was created by and for managers with quickly growing portfolios greater than 20 units. Beacon saves time by putting the most important information about your revenue at your fingertips each morning.


Daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily emails will cover the previous day’s activity, weekly emails are sent on Mondays and cover the previous week’s activity, and monthly emails are sent on the first of the month and cover the previous month’s activity. In circumstances where the first of the month falls on a Monday, you will receive all three in one day.


Buoy costs $30 per listing per month.

We create compsets based on bedroom count, size, quality, and segment.


These represent recent earnings for listings in your area.

  • The number “25” shows listings with revenue in the 0-25th percentiles over recent months.
  • The number “50” shows listings with revenue in the 25th-50th percentiles over recent months.
  • The number “75” shows listings with revenue in the 50st-75th percentiles over recent months.
  • The number “100” shows listings with revenue in the 75th-100th percentiles over recent months.

That shows the confirmed reservations and upcoming rates for your competitive cohort.


Our comp data consists of upcoming rates and confirmed reservations.

  • The Current view shows the middle 50% of 7-day RevPAR moving averages for past dates and the middle 50% of published rates for future dates. It’s intended to give you a feel of market fluctuations at a glance.
  • The Clouds view shows more detail. It displays all confirmed reservations and upcoming rates for a given performance percentile.

We identify your segment, set a rate range based on current conditions in that segment, adjust your rate based on historical trends, and recalculate rates every one to three days.

  • Calendar Characteristics: For booked dates we read reservation dates, value, and source. For available dates we read upcoming rates, calendar availability, and minimum stay length.
  • Listing Characteristics: Room count, capacity, latitude and longitude.
  • We do not collect personal information, guest data, or anything else from your system. We have no use for it.

Buoy can edit your rates, minimum stay length, calendar availability and note.

We support Guesty and Hospitable for now, but we’re working on adding more.


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